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The Writer's Center

The Writer's Center is an open membership organization of some 2,500 writers, editors, students, small-press publishers and other artists. We offer workshops year-round for writers of all ages and abilities in fiction, feature writing, essay, memoir, poetry, playwriting and screenwriting, business writing, comedy writing, and a corporate class program that we bring directly into your workplace. Workshops are offered in Bethesda, MD, Arlington, VA, Leesburg, VA, and online.

Calendar of Events
Oct 23The Poetry Game
Oct 25Life Stories Intensive
Oct 26Howard Feinstein and Adele Levine
Oct 31Fiction II: Intermediate Novel (online class)
Nov 1The Muddle in the Middle
Nov 1The Retold Tale
Nov 1Children's Book Publishing 101
Nov 1How to Get Your Poetry Published
Nov 2Joram Piatigorsky and Enid Shomer
Nov 3Online Poetry Workshop II (online class)
Nov 4Poetry Primer (4 sessions)
Nov 4Screenwriting II: Marketing Your Screenplay (4 sessions)
Nov 5Developing the High-Concept Novel (3 sessions)
Nov 5Poetry I (4 sessions)
Nov 5How to Break into Travel Writing with a Story that Sells (4 sessions)
Nov 6Break Through Writer's Block and Fill Your Empty Notebooks (2 sessions)
Nov 8Imagination in the Americas: Six Modern and Contemporary Poets (6 sessions)
Nov 8Getting Started: Creative Writing (2 sessions)
Nov 8A House Made of Memory: Constructing Memoir with Scene, Summary and Musing
Nov 8Seeing Food, Work, War and Love: A Multicultural View of Poetry (4 sessions)
Nov 8Washington Writers' Publishing House Reading
Nov 8Scenes You Can't Live Without
Nov 8Using Music and Sound Elements in Poetry (Bethesda)
Nov 8Wouldn't Touch It With A Ten-Foot Pole: How To Avoid Cliché
Nov 9Undiscovered Voices Fellowship Recipients
Nov 10The Writing Staycation
Nov 11Creative Nonfiction II (6 sessions)
Nov 13The Poetry Game: Peace Version
Nov 15Historical Fiction for the 21st-Century
Nov 15Adventures in Syntax
Nov 16Karen Thompson Walker
Nov 22The Art & Craft of Screenwriting
Dec 3REQUIRED READING: Essential Guides to Creative Writing and the Creative Life
Dec 6The Self-Publication Experiment
Dec 6Holiday Book Fair
Dec 6Fictionalize Your Life In One Afternoon!
Dec 6The Fabric of Fiction: Writing Description and Setting
Dec 6Mythology for Writers III
Dec 7Turning Points: The Role of the Volta in Poetry
Dec 9Screenwriting II/III (4 sessions)

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The Writer's Center
4508 Walsh Street
Bethesda, MD 20815
301-654-8664 phone

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